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Decided to throw some color onto this story. Thanks to my friend Adam Walmsley for helping out with the flats, as he often does.

Our NYCC Signing Schedule!


Come see us and some of your favorite Oni Press creators at Booth #1928!


3:00 – TJ Kirsch – Lost and Found: An Amy Devlin Mystery

4:30 – Gabo – The Life After


1:00 – Joshua Hale Fialkov and Gabo – The Life After

2:30 – Charles Soule – Letter 44

Ray Fawkes – The…

NYCC! THIS THURSDAY at 3pm - 4:30pm, I’ll be appearing at the Oni Press Booth signing copies of LOST AND FOUND: AN AMY DEVLIN MYSTERY. I’ll be bringing along a show-exclusive Amy Devlin print to be given away with purchase of the book! Come by and chat!

And if you’re not able to make it to the show, the book is still available at finer online book retailers and comic shops everywhere!



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This is a big day… A HUGE day for Steve Orlando, me and Thomas Mauer. UNDERTOW TPB vol. 1 - BOATMAN’S CALL comes out from Image Comics!
Six issues of goodness PLUS almost entire another issue of BONUS STORIES from our good friends and colleagues - Yaroslav Astapeev, Blair Butler and T.J. Kirsch, Leila del Duca, Tony Gregori and Mike Spicer, and, finally, Tyler Niccum - all those fine people have a piece of our book! So, GO BUY! IT! Or steal! Or whatever! Just enjoy almost three years of our work, and we’ll make everything possible to continue the story in Vol.2!

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I’m heading to SPX in Maryland this week, and I thought I’d bring along a new minicomic. Here’s the digital equivalent - presented here FREE, since I’m such a nice guy and all.

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OR in print at Birdcage Bottom Books!

If you’re coming to SPX, come see Jonathan Baylis and I at table I14! He’ll be debuting So Buttons #7!

I’ll also have copies of She Died In Terrebonne and Lost And Found: An Amy Devlin Mystery. As many as I can carry!


No good murder mystery can thrive solely on the strength of its mystery. After all, stories are about the journey more than the destination. With that in mind, She Died in Terrebonne works so well because writer Kevin Church and artist T.J. Kirsch focus so much attention on the main character and setting. This web comic (now collected in graphic novel format) focuses on a Japanese-American private detective named Sam Kimimura. Sam is hired to track down a missing girl, only for the investigation to morph into a murder mystery.

Sam alone is a compelling enough figure to make this comic worth a read. But coupled with the 1970’s setting and the way Kirsch takes full advantage of that setting in his artwork and design, She Died in Terrebonne emerges as a stylish and energetic addition to the genre.

She Died In Terrebonne is featured on the same page as Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Moore and Ed Brubaker in this article on 9 Great Murder Mystery Comics at IGN. The follow-up, Hard Drive To Hell will be released very soon, but you can buy the original on Comixology or get a collection in book form from Amazon. (via agreeablecomics)